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Local Rights vs. Developers

I've received an update from a post about Harsens Islands, 'Lucky 7' and 'Grand Pointe Development' for which I'm grateful - I'm sure this will be in next week's paper, but I'm pleased to post that the development companies have suffered another defeat in their attempt to rip apart the island for cluster housing development.

The prior posts on this continuing saga are HERE.

The newest update (from Thursday) is HERE.

Thank you to the anonymous replier to my post of 09-05-08! As well, I want to thank 'The Verifiable Truth' by name on this post for collecting all of the legal documents, the developers filed plans and the commission's, DEQ's and court's rulings in regards to this issue.

This isn't the first run in with the dollars behind these develpment scheme... as reported in the same article linked above, H.I. has already had to fight off attempts to build a large casino/resort project on the island (which, honestly - once you disclude [is that a word?] the land owned and managed by the DNR, is not that large) by the same guy and the Bay Mills Indians (a tribe belonging to Northern Michigan) and the Ilitch money.

Everyone seems to acknowledge that Harsens Island is a 'Blue Water Gem', but where we who live here want to see it remain semi-natural - others want to turn it into a little metropolis and thereby destroying the very characteristics that has made it recognized as a 'Gem' in the first place... but what the hell, they won't actually be living here, right?

At least we can score another win in keeping them from destroying what we love about living here (and paying the $100 every two weeks for the ferry tickets).
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