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Watchers Review Part I

Note - this one is a really long episode so I'm going to divide it in three so I can include a lot of pictures. I LOVE this episode immensely!

Another Apocalypse

Watchers Season 1 Finale!


Story by CN Winters and Susan Carr
Written by CN Winters, Susan Carr, Chris Cook and Gelfling21
Directed by CN Winters and Susan Carr
Produced by CN Winters, Susan Carr, Chris Cook and David Zahir
Sound by Steff
Edits by Kate and Amazonchyck
Art Direction by Chris Cook
Artists Chris Cook, David Zahir, Chantal, CN Winters, Libbi, Sarah


Guest Starring:
Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers, Michelle Trachtenberg as Dawn Summers,

Lindsay Felton as Skye, Elijah Wood as Jeffrey Lindquist, Carly Schroeder as Marsha, Stephanie March as Bonnie, Thora Birch as Tracey, Felicia Day as Vi,

Norika Fujiwara as Mia, Becky Wahlstrom as Julia, Brad Dorif as Brell,

Brent Spiner as Tram, Katey Segal as Lily Lindquist and Jason Clarke as the Engineer.

Where We Are:
The Presidium, recognizing that it’s time for the big season finale, has launched a massive attack on the Council. Their goal? Thin the Slayer army in order to open Earth up to extra-dimensional invasion and get their hands on the powerful witch, Willow Rosenberg. To facilitate the first part of the plan, they abducted Faith and held her in a booby-trapped cavern which cost the life of Rona during her rescue. Now, the Slayers are attempting a tactical retreat with the newly freed Faith, but find their escape route cut off by a horde of demons! One of which… a huge sea creature has sprung up from LakeEerie (guest starring the huge fiery venom spewing beetle from Starship Troopers).

Faith orders the Slayers to run as the beetle rises from the shore, pushing a huge wave of water ahead of it. The creatures spews its fire and several Slayers (none of our ‘named’ though) go up in flames. Buffy Summers is able to get the Slayers with her into a protective rock alcove.

At the same time, Mia and her gang of Slayers (the former gang members under Julia that joined the Council in Lessons Learned) dive into a drainage ditch and head for the large pipe. Mia notices that one of ‘her’ Slayers hasn’t made it with them and, perhaps foolishly, goes back to retrieve her.

Meanwhile, back at HQ: Giles, Rowena, Willow, Dawn and Skye are researching for any information on the demon-types that Ro reported from an earlier encounter (Another Day). They’re hoping to pinpoint the Presidium’s home dimension with this information and through that, some weaknesses. Giles lets us know that Xander, Tracey and Andrew are on their way to the Slayers with more weaponry. With them is another group of Slayers to reinforce the Faith-rescue team.

In the rock alcove that Buffy and her group were taking refuge in, Faith, Kennedy and Robin managed to re-group with her. Kenn is worried over the absence of Vi and Mia with the recent loss of Rona preying on her mind.

There’s a more immediate concerns than grief, unfortunately though. They have a huge, rampaging beetle-demon-beast to subdue.

Faith suggests finding a way to crush it. Of course, in order to do that, they have to find something crushing… which they’re not going to find hiding in a cave; the foursome head back out into battle.

While Faith, Robin, Kennedy and Buffy rejoin the battle, Xander and his group are arriving in Council vans. Among the group of weaponry is a rocket launcher that Andrew asks about… ‘was this really necessary’… which – obviously a foreshadow of how the big galoot is going to be brought down… can’t wait (insert me grinning like a fool)!

Vi arrives at the vans and breathlessly points in the general direction of the gigundo (Ji-Gun-Doe) beetle-beast. The others see it peeking over the tree line… Xan gives Andrew a ‘see, rocket launcher’ look….

Act One:
Behind the rampaging beast, Mia finds her lost Slayer (Sue, no last name yet). She’s alive, but she’s been pretty badly burnt by the demon-creature’s flame breath. Sue tries to tell her to leave her, but Mia isn’t about to leave a girl she helped convince to work with the Council behind.

While Mia is performing her rescue, Xander is readying the rocket launcher. Which, by the way, I love that Xan gets to blow up the beastie this time… Buffy usually gets the cool toys. And, since this is WATCHERS, I expected Kennedy or Faith to get the honors this time.

Back at the library, research is starting to pay off! I love this scene because even though it’s breaking into the exciting action, it has good continuity dialogue. The gang and the newly arrive Becca mention the Vutch attack (from when Jeff was abducted to run a test on the magic-sucker device by the Presidium), the book in Becca’s that helped Willow recover her blocked magic, and Giles and Becca’s first meeting. And, Becca continues to show her courage (along with Skye actually, everyone seems to take the sudden knowledge of demons, invasions, and magic with a shrug, don’t they?) and sense of humor. I really love Becca and (future-minor-spoiler) am really happy she sticks around with Rupert.

The gang quickly vacate the library as Giles and Becca start to argue over her getting out of town… again. Becca is adamant though – she’s not leaving just to come home later and find out he’s dead. But, she’s willing to stay at the Council – where the Junior Slayers are still which will hopefully provide her more security for Rupert’s sake.

Back at the battle, Xan blows up the beetle creature real good – nearly taking off Tracey’s head when she stands, unnoticed, behind the launcher. Fortunately, Andrew is there to tackle her to the ground a second before she would have been toasted… or blow apart… whatevs. The point is that Andrew makes a great impression on her and there are immediate sparks – what with Andy lying on top of her that way. Looks like are ambiguously-sexual nerd is going to have a girlfriend. This builds on an earlier scene, by the way, where the two slow danced together in an earlier episode (which I don’t want to hunt for).

Back to the library for another breather – the gang has found information about Vor – the Presidium’s dimensional homebase (and of the home of the Vutch, as well). The Vor Dimension was being tracked by the Old Council (it’s nice to know they did do something of value) – you know, side bar real quick – I know that Travers was stuffy and the Council was basically a foil for Buffy and all, but I don’t think that they were ever really given credit for what they did manage to do throughout the centuries. I mean, the Earth hadn’t been destroyed all the way up until Buffy quit them, after all. Plus, they were in the midst of making sure that Buffy got the information they’d collected on the First Evil before they were blown up – so they weren’t all bad, all the time.

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh, right – the Old Council… anyway, they noted that Vor was actually ‘growing’. It appears that Vor was ‘taken over’ eons ago via magic. Details are not forthcoming at this minute, however, as we’re switching Acts.

Act Two:
We’re in the Slayer dorms now with the wounded from the earlier battle. The Slayers and their reinforcements have obviously retreated back to the Council to tend the wounded and dead and re-trench for the coming follow-up attack by the Presidium.

We have some more great bonding between Faith and Kennedy in this scene. These two really work well off of one another and I’m just going to repeat here that I absolutely LOVE what the writing staff has managed to do with Kenn’s character this past year. From one of my least favorite characters in the world during S7 of BTVS to one of my favorite characters in the Buffy/Watchersverse is no shabby accomplishment. And, I have to add (even though this was way before BTVS: S8 of course) that they still do a far better job making Kennedy somebody we can care about than Joss in company do over in the comic book – so continued kudos, you guys.

In the meantime, notice how Buffy has gone into ‘take-charge’ mode. She’s the one to tell Faith they need to check in with Giles (and Faith is too distracted to get an attitude about it this time) and to head for the library while Faith is still busy with Kenn.

In the library at that moment, Giles is examining a spell left by Ethan when he’d visited around Thanksgiving (when he was ‘partnered’ with the now dead Amy Madison). Darn it – I have to make another side note here – I liked what WATCHERS did with Amy more than what Joss and company have done with her, as well. She was more bitchy and funny here rather than just psychopathic (though she certainly had that trait as well). And, of course, in the Watchersverse, she didn’t have time to overstay her welcome.

Anywho – there’s some Apocaypse-humor of the Buffyverse type we all love and Becca is right in the thick of things, which continues to be a delight. I know, I know – I keep heaping praise on her, but she’s such a wonderfully crafted Original Character.

So, Faith, Buffy and Robin arrive to check in….

The home-gang find out about Rona, which Faith mentions rather flippantly I have to say. It’s in character-Faith, of course, but I don’t like it when she gets this way about death of fellow Slayers, defense mechanism or no.

Oh, COOL! Callback that I missed the first time around – wait, wait, I have to set this up properly: Okay, so Faith sees a parchment that has a drawing of the device that Jeff was strapped into during the magic suckage. Faith recognizes it from when she was captured. She mentions that it appeared to be sucking down some serious energy because of its lights (okay, that’s pretty dubious reasoning, but just go with it). So, everyone is wondering where the energy is coming from that this machine is munching on…

… And Buffy says WILLOW. Which – here’s the cool part – totally explains why Willow was so tired in High Art! Which, I complained about at the time because it didn’t tie into Rupert’s alterna-reality at all and seemed to have no point to it… but it did! And, here’s the pay off! HAH!

Well, excuse me for liking continuity so much.

Buffy points out that everyone else probably didn’t notice how haggard Willow is looking because it has been gradual, but Buffy hadn’t seen her in a while. She noticed that Wills was looking tired out the moment she arrived face to face. The machine has been slowly draining Willow’s power unnoticed over at least several episodes (Faith mentions that the device looks different from the sketch – upgraded with more doohickeys – this must have happened at least as far back as episode 18 as we discover this also explains Willow’s not detecting Julia’s Slayers in Gangland).

Having established a connection between the Presidium’s plan and Willow, it’s time to visit the bitca-in-the-cell, Bonnie – who’s being held in the Council’s basement. We also get another BTVS-callback: Bonnie is being held off of the floor in a stasis-field (ala Willow being held by Giles’ spell in S6).

From a very scared and reluctant Bonnie they learn that the device is going to breach the dimensional walls, invasion, blah-blah. But the important part we didn’t know is that the caves in the park nearby (where Faith was held, the ambush took place, yadda-yadda) lead back to THE COUNCIL ITSELF!

The Presidium’s device is UNDER THEIR FEET!

C’mon, now that’s a cool plot development.



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