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A Recommendation Post

Oh! I forgot to also post a link to my newest 'recommend' :

This is the livejournal page of stormwreath who I just 'friended'. He's been busy with making with the Buffy fanfiction, fitting them into S8 comic continuity... but what really drew me in was the excellently written and analyzed Buffy reviewing going on.

He's got posted, thus far, up to #20 and really picks out some of the serious themes going on and the moral implications of what our Slayer-army is up to. I liked reading them mucho and hope he is going to be willing to post more as the Issues come out (and doubly-hopefully much faster than my poor, slow ass is doing - StephenT - Where's new reviews?)

Also, check out his "Annotated The Long Way Home" ... awesome.


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