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17 Days?!

Wow! No post since June 1st.. sorry 'bout that when there's so many reviews in the pipeline and Spanderverse updates and some ranting about bloggers and their partisan, inept, and dishonest punditry to get to...  :-)

The facts are that at the moment, real-life is managing to do some ass-kicking all up on me. I won't bore you with the details, but it involves money & bills & a new roof needed and it all just sucks. Honestly, if you have the choice, go for the wealth... the whole "honest working man" thing isn't nearly the uplifting experience they try to portray in the movies (*grin*).

So, other than whining and fretting what have I got in the pipeline? Finishing up the reviews of the limited series: Angel: Blood and Trenches (which I'm enjoying) and Spike: After the Fall (which has felt like a waste of money - sadly).

In the 'ongoing series' - after the two reviews above, I'll be posting the Season 1, Season Ending Finale of WaTchers: The Virtual Series, which is a really good one. After that, I'll be diving into Issue #4 of Buffy, Season 8 and Angel: After the Fall/Aftermath - also #4 I believe, I'll double check that.

Finally, Spanderverse: The Coming of the Scooby Army is on chapter 3 as I do the easy work - wrapping up the aftermath of The Cost of Giles and figuring out who the 'big bad' will be to start our Gang organizing a more, uh, robust resistance. And, of course, there is Xander's post animal-personality dealing, Dawn's troubles with Social Services after the attack on her house, Willow's casual magic throwing and its effects on Tara, Spike's status in the Buffy fold - particurlarly where it involves Xan and finally Giles' choices.

Whew. I really need to get to that writing thing - it has just been more difficult to write at night at work, now that I have a co-worker with me - before I worked isolated in my own room.

Tonight, I'm going to try to post the Watchers reviewage... see ya then!  I forgot my co-worker had to take the day off, so I'm actually monitoring her account... it's too hard to review something as long as a Watchers story when I have to keep interrupting myself with work. So, we'll shoot for tomorrow on 'Another Apocalype' review. In the meanwhile - I'm going to work on my Spanderverse story after everybody gets outta here (another hour) - wish me success!

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