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Memeorandum Today

Huffpo has an article quoting Democratic strategist James Carville adding his two cents about where the GOP is and their central problem: the Religious Right and how they're no longer enough to give them the majorities they enjoyed before due to changes in demographics.

His point: the GOP cannot walk away from their ultra-right base without completely losing any chance they have of winning elections, despite how bad things are...

"I don't think they can do that because their party would crumble," said Carville. "They can talk about other issues and do other things, but once you have a Republican nominee, or serious Republican leaders who are pro-choice or pro-gay marriage, they are going to lose a lot of their voting base. These people will break off."

This is, no doubt about it, correct as far as the short term. However, as a major poll on religion recently found, the number of strictly biblical literalist are declining. These are the folks that vote strictly along 'litmus test' social issues views. It seems to me that any costs of no longer allowing these folks to hold the GOP hostage for their votes will more than be made up in the medium term by Moderate Republicans (currently abandoning the party in droves), Conservative Democrats (the so-called 'blue dogs') and Moderate and Conservative Independents would more than make up those numbers... assuming the GOP comes up with any ideas other than "give rich people and multi-billionaire companies tax cuts".

Senator Specter's defection from the GOP to the Democrats is still a topic of discussion. Mostly along ideological fault lines. While everyone admits this was 100% skin saving on Specter's part (he was destined to lose the GOP primary in PA and this way he's still got a shot at staying in his seat), there's naturally a split in why he needed to do this. Conservatives are mostly saying "good riddance to RINO trash". Moderate blogs are more likely to state that this was a cynical move, pure and simple. The Liberal bloggers point out that the reason Specter couldn't win another GOP primary is because the party has moved so far right with only the committed conservative still calling themselves Republican, while the moderates have already given up their party membership for Independent status... or even preceeding Specter into crossing the aisleway. For his part, the Senator gives this reason for his defection:
Unfortunately, there has been one confirmed fatality in the U.S. involving a toddler which is hideous. But, we have to remember that panic is misplaced. The regular ol' garden-variety flu kills hundreds in the States every year, so those who are stocking up their armageddon supplies need to take a breath. This isn't the "end of the world" event you've been waiting on.

"Well, I was sorry to disappoint many people. Frankly, I was disappointed that the Republican Party didn't want me as their candidate," Mr. Specter said on "Face the Nation." "But as a matter of principle, I'm becoming much more comfortable with the Democrats' approach.

Smells like b.s. to me. My personal feeling is that he simply doesn't want to let go of being a Senator until they pry the seat from his cold, dead, clenched fists - simple as that.

Ai, yi, yi: Swine Flu is spreading the globe. Thankfully the talk of a deadly pandemic... just like with Avian Flu... was mostly just terror tales. While, for whatever reason, Mexico was hit hard by a rash of deaths caused by this outbreak, every where else suffering from the spread has had mild cases.

In its latest tally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta said the virus it calls "novel H1N1 flu" has been confirmed in six more states since yesterday and has infected 60 more people.




We are still stuck with nut-burgerness across the nation. You know... the folks who weren't at all concerned as Mr. Cheney and Mr. Bush shat all over our Constitution in the name of "war on terror", but pissing themselves because Obama is now in office and will, at any moment, instill FEMA-run re-education centers... well, ...

"There are a lot of rumors floating around that the present government would like to increase taxes on ammunition. I think [there is] just a lot of panicked buying going on."


Insanity reigns. And, now I'm having an issue with my work phone so gotta run - look for a Watchers review posted later.

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