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Isn't it Nice?

Isn't it nice when other people notice things you do... like the fact that the current crop of conservatives are nuckin' futs?

Have you ever noticed that the states where anti-tax sentiment is strongest are frequently the same states that get way more back from the federal government than they send in? Alaska gets $1.84 for every tax dollar it sends to Washington, which is a rate of return even Bernard Madoff never pretended to achieve. Yet there they were in Ketchikan waving “Taxed Enough Already!” signs and demanding an end to federal spending.

Also, have you noticed how places that pride themselves on being superpatriotic seem to have the most people who want to abandon the country entirely and set up shop on their own?

As for Governor "Fan the Flames" and his talks of secession from the Union... please, I'm begging you to try. I would absolutely love to see the wackiness when the Texas legislature is debating becoming the Nation of Texas. I'd also love to see how Texas would manage, receiving zero dollars from the Feds for highway maintenance, school funding, that border patrol thing, social security benefits, medicare/medicaid payments, etc., etc., etc. that comes from the Feds transferring funds to the states.

Hey! I know, maybe you could go back to belonging to Mexico!

That would sure show the rest of us a thing or two..., uh-huh.

God, they just get weirder and crazier every flipping week.

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