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FCC ... past time to investigate.

I really think it far past time for the FCC to investigate Fox "News"

It is quite obvious by now that not only is this channel not "fair and balanced", but it barely rates as an actual NEWS channel. The FCC should either fine them heavily for this sorts of 'mistakes' (see below) or should force them to reclassify themselves as an 'entertainment' or 'edutainment' channel and stop allowing them to pretend they have any sort of 'unbiased' view of things:

The uproar stems from a segment Monday when Fox News's Martha MacCallum stated that after weeks of economic doom and gloom, the Obama administration is "now singing a different tune" about the state of the nation's struggling economy.


Saying they were from this past weekend, MacCallum introduced a montage of clips that included Biden insisting the U.S. economy was in good shape.


Just one problem: the clip was filmed in September at a campaign event in which Biden was mocking, word for word, Republican John McCain's infamous insistence that the "fundamentals of the economy are strong."



This isn't the first time that FOX has been caught making this sort of "mistake"... as if going into the archives, finding a clip, manipulating it to mean the opposite of what the speaker was clearly saying, and then claiming that it was just said over the past weekend, instead of six months ago could be an honest 'mistake'. These spokepeople for the GOP and Conservative viewpoint should just admit that they're a political, ideological infomericial station and be done with it. And the FCC should force the issue, regardless of the "oh, the government is trying to silence dissent" rhetoric that will surely follow.
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