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Us vs. Them Has Changed?

Apparently, President Obama is putting his colleagues on notice that they're fight the wrong battle with the partisan sniping back and forth between Republicans and Democrats. In fact, according to this address and commentary... the actual battle isn't even between Conservative and Progressive Senators and Representatives. Those are smoke screens for the true string-pullers... the Lobbyists.

This sounds right to me. And long overdue. We've all known for a long time that influence peddling is the norm for Washington, D.C., even when it isn't so blatant as to be criminal. For far too long, special interests have been able to put their industry's bloated profits (see by the utterly ridiculous pay-scales and bonuses of their CEOs) above the good of the country. And then they make patriotic commercials for every President's birthday as if they had a red, white & blue bone in their collective bodies.

Well, it's past time that somebody show those trapped inside the beltway bubble how to reach out to the people and wean themselves off of the self-serving parasites who have been allowed to poison the body-politic.

It seems that the President has decided he's the one to do so. And why not him? He, after all, was able to bring in unprecidented amounts of campaign contributions by going directly to the people and asking. It's not only the paid lobbyists and their multi-national, mega-billionaire leeches that can elevate a politician to POTUS.

Good Luck, Mr. President... you'll undoubtedly need it when the commercials start to fly opposing your reforms.

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