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Confusion of Three, Chapter 8 of 17 posted

Chapter 8 of 17 in Confusion of Three has been posted in the spanderverse community (it still surprises me that name was even available).

Of the Weird:

In last chapter, we saw Xander take a hit from Toth's mystic staff. We start this chapter with a flashback (my first fanfic!flashback, I believe) and see far more of what happened to our hero after he disappeared from view behind that trash heap.

In other news (or scenes, whatever) we catch up with Spike. You'll recall he stomped off in a right mood over Buffy's dismissal. His obsession with her continues but with no other outlet, what's a vampire to do? That's right! Angry!sex with Harmony!


And Look, I Think I Have The Linkage Correct... For You, house_illrepute; All For You.     : )

At least I hope this works right.
Tags: btvs, confusion of three, spanderverse

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