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Another chapter has been posted to The Cost of Giles. In chapter 16 - the gang left at home tries to deal with the mess left behind. Xander has run off and Spike needs to get after him... they need to find a place for Dawn... and they get a visitor looking for Giles.

Giles himself is at his own apartment, and he's gotten himself seduced by the Book of Midnight.

A Little Chaos


So - obviously my big plans to finish this story, finally, came to naught. This is due to the fact that I picked up the latest and greatest virus while goofing off on YOUTUBE. Despite all of my virus scanning, firewalling, scriptblocking and updating. The machine is basically paralyzed now until I can get the GeekSquad out to take a look and rescue me.

There is also some other personal stuff going on right now that has risen my blood pressure and made it difficult to concentrate on anything that isn't money related. Things are... worrisome... at the moment.


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