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A difficult situation and a difficult post.

So, as anyone who keeps up with current events must know, we have yet another battle being waged in the ongoing Palestinian/Israeli conflict. I've been wanting to post some thoughts about it, but have been refraining because... mostly... I'm not Arab, Israeli, Muslim nor Jewish. It seemed like something that I really didn't have a "say" in....

Except that my LJFriend, Susan, who I "met" on WATCHERS published a thoughtful post on what is happening over there from a personal POV - her step-father was Jewish and invited opinions.

Among what she has to say... "
This evening as the Israeli troops crossed the border and started their march into the occupied territory, I wanted to ask him how that is any different from Hitler crossing the border into Poland. Or how is it right that they're bombing women and children? Or how is it okay for them to push out a people who have lived there for as long as they have and have every right to be there too? How is it different?"

Like everyone else, I imagine, I have opinions on most things; including the appalling tit-for-tat that passes for "politics" in the Middle-East. Since Susan posted, I felt the need to add my two cents.

Among my lenghty response, I included this observation, "It just doesn't seem like either party has suffered enough appalling death and destruction for them to open their minds to a comprehensive compromise, even if they have to piss off their own hardliners to get it done."

It's a statement that I still feel. However, mostly I'm simply stuck not knowing how in the hell to resolve the mess that is Israel and the (hopefully, someday) future Palestine state.

But the above was just a little primer as to why I'm posting the following link. Maybe this bit of history about how Israel has operated in past conflicts will add something to the discussion on if they're right, wrong, or both in how they are dealing with Hamas and the Gaza strip.

Gaza 2008: Micro-Wars and Macro-Wars

Perhaps it will add something to the understanding of why things are the way they are right now....

Anyway, that's just my two cents on the mess in the news right now.
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