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An updated plans post-thingy.

Okay, for those reading Spanderverse... I'm writing chapters later tonight or most definitely tomorrow. I have the next two chapters pretty much written in my head so I'll have them posted by no later than Jan. 5th.

With company at the house, I don't have the time at home to do anything on the PC. I may go ahead and post from work, but I'm leery of doing so just because I've only got half an eye on what I'm doing... you know, with that work-thing going on. I don't like to do anything but a quick post from anywhere, but home, where I can really read through it carefully for typos, confused sentence structure, etc., but we'll see.

For Watchers reviews fans... the next review will be for High Art, episode 20 of Season 1 of the after-Buffy spin off series.

In addition, I'm changing my ratings system from half-points to quarter-points and will be going back to my older reviews to re-rate them to the new standard. For instance, one of the reviews was given a "soft 5 star" for a rating... that will be changed to a 4.75 rating. I'll also be correcting spelling errors that I've found on re-reading them. I'll issue a post with links to all of the older reviews once they've been cleaned up.

The BTVS and AtS reviews are awaiting a DVD drive so I can image-capture. These reviews (so far just a few BTVS reviews are posted) will probably be re-written completely at some point. I WILL get to them... eventually. I want to purchase an new system, since the one I have is outdated and can't play the new game that I've been drooling over forever and that the Honey bought me for x-mas.

I am vacillating between writing Buffy S8, and After the Fall reviews now, or wait until I reach these "seasons" after I review their respective shows (which could obviously be awhile). I've also been considering the idea of reviewing fanfiction that I find and read... I'm not sure I want to start issuing reviews for fanfiction... on the other hand, I'm doing that already with Watchers. That's just different, somehow, than 'straight fanfic'.

So... that's where my head is at these days and I plan on cracking down and doing a lot of reviewing/writing/posting in the coming few weeks and months.

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