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Spread the Desktops.

Today's post is all about the Buffy Season 8 comic from Joss and Dark Horse. I've decided to do a Mega-Post for the absolutely stellar art going on in the comic. I can't wait to start reviewing them (actually, I guess I can, or I'd have done it by now). So feast the eyes and clicky the linky to add these to your Wallpapers collection!

Saving the world.     Saving the world.

   Slayers in Japan.

   Buffy vs. Punk Chick.

   Gorgeous SMG and DB.

    Buffy and future Slayer, Fray.

    Buffy vs. future Dark Willow.

    Fray and Buffy.

   Buffy in Japan... a favorite of mine.

   Vampire needs some skin product.

    Harmony... new reality show 'star'.

Look for more in 'Spread the Desktops II'....
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