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So, since I haven't posted in a few days, I thought I would just throw a little note in here. It's been a hell of a past few weeks trying to get ABC Warehouse to effing deliver my and the BF's new oven/stove. This, being a out-of-the-blue gift for X-Mas from the parental units... my mommy loves me!!  :-)

I sincerely wish to make it plain that anyone looking for a barain bargain should not shop at the Warehouse on 23 and Gratiot in Mt. Clemens. It's been a nightmare of lies by the salesman (BUSTED! ASSHOLE.) and far from being the "closest thing to wholesale". More like, "closest thing to NOsale", actually.

But, we got it finally and the BF is happy as he's finally been able to bake his homemade gingerbread cookies. I'm happy as well, as I get to not hear him bitch about the stove anymore (the heating coil kept burning out so we could only use BROIL... fine for baking a ham... not so good for pies and cookies).

In addition to my rant about Larry at ABC, though, I also wanted to just lazily post a linkage... again... to Lyz Kingsley's site:


And I've chosen to linkage to her review of a gem of a movie called Zombie Lake as it is one which I surely will not be watching/reviewing anytime here.

... if you’ve ever wondered whether a career in gynaecology was really for you, then a viewing of Zombie Lake could probably help you make up your mind.

And this is from an alleged horror movie, not a porn flick. Which also shows why I won't be watching it anytime soon... it's notoriously bad, but Lyz's review is rip-roaring funny.

One of the, uh, scary zombies. It's scary, dammit!! Stop laughing!

And that's it, Dolls. So glad I felt a compulsion to post... not. *yawn*
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