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The poor losers and the paranoid are still at it, trying to undermine America's President-elect. And they're getting more and more ridiculous about it by the day. Apparently, since characterizing Mr. Obama as a radical, America-hating, secret Muslim, Terrorist Ally, Marxist/Socialist, future Destroyer of God-Fearing White People wasn't enough to turn the tide in electing John M. and Sarah P. they've chosen to go the legal route.

Confronting The Lies About Barack Obama’s Citizenship

I just wish that the Supreme Court's dismissal of this bullshit was going to be enough to shut the cuckoo-nutsoes up for awhile. Instead, expect the Supreme Court to join the growing ranks of 'conspiricists' that are trying to, I don't know... destroy the U.S? Sell us to the United Nations World Government?


EDIT:  This is the sort of horseshit that we'll continue to put up with for as long as Obama is President (I'm hoping for 8 years, personally.)

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