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I need a little laughter.

So, as I do these days, despite the fact the election is over, I was over at memeorandum.com checking out the blogsphere/punditverse. It was actually kind of dull, to tell the truth. But, there's this particular blogger who I should really stop reading because he just pisses me off.

(the Other McCain, if you really wanna know)

So, after his helping of mindless obstinance, I really needed something a bit more light-hearted. And for that, you must go to Final Girl.

I seriously HEART her in one of those gay guys/straight girl non-sex ways. Now, if you're not into B-Movie Slashers, you'll not understand my love, but that's okay. The point is, she's also just really funny. So I share this from her post for today:

Even the background players are an affront to my delicate eyes! Yes, I'm talking about you back there, Banana Orbison. We see you, and we see that your outfit is atrocious.

There. See... it's brilliant. Ah, the 80's. After hating my parents over the fashion abuse I suffered as a child (seriously, if you're disturbed by Japanese boys in short-shorts running after Gamera, you should be appalled by the fashions we were subjected to: tight-tight, light brown/dark brown striped pants? UGH.), I completely decided that parachute pants and a net-shirt was the epitome of looking good. I completely forgive my parents, at least they had the hippie drug-culture to take the blame.

I don't know what OUR excuse was.
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