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Interesting Perspective

From a gay, devoutly Catholic writer:

The crusade for Proposition 8 was fueled by the broken American family, explains gay Catholic author Richard Rodriguez.

While I'm not sure I'd agree with every one of his points, I do find his assertion that the gay movement has far more in common with the Women's Rights movement, than with the Black Civil Rights of the 60's extremely interesting. Especially as he points out that both revolve around the repudiation of the traditional roles assigned to genders - and the church is nothing, if not tied to traditional status-quoes.

As he explains:

The possibility that a whole new generation of American males is being raised by women without men is very challenging for the churches. I think they want to reassert some sort of male authority over the order of things. ...  At the same time that women are claiming more responsibility for their religious life, they are also moving out of traditional roles ...  And while there is some relationship between the persecution of gays and the anti-miscegenation laws in the United States, I think the true analogy is to the women's movement. What we represent as gays in America is an alternative to the traditional male-structured society. The possibility that we can form ourselves sexually -- even form our sense of what a sex is -- sets us apart from the traditional roles we were given by our fathers.

Read the whole interview....

I found it a really interesting read.
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