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Obama, the Conservative??

Am I the only one to remember that throughout the entire campaign, President-Elect Obama was being accused of being Socialist and even possibly Marxist?

Well, apparently, GOP talking head,
L. Brent Bozell III, has no such memory. Despite the fact that he, himself, made the charge as the usual Right Wing talking point - now he's decided that Obama was really (no, seriously this time, guys! Honest!) was actually running as a Reagan-style fiscal conservative.

Yeah. That's right. Obama was actually running as a conservative candidate..., which kind
of means that they're admitting they were lying the entire campaign, doesn't it?

My, my, what knots they're going to have to tie themselves in to justify in their own heads
that Obama cannot introduce any progressive measures during his Presidency. I suppose
it's sort of like holding a flashlight under the blanket to keep the monster under the bed

I can only say a) Obviously the GOP is scared shitless.
                        b) Revisionist history usually isn't this fast.
                        c) If he thinks this is going to change Obama's governing style, he's insane.
                        d) The way that the GOP continues to insist that America is still really,
                             really a center right nation sounds almost desperate (see a.).
                        e) It would be funny how their entire spin changes within a few weeks if it
                            wasn't so damned irritating how their not being called out on it and
                            replayed their own words on national t.v.

and                  f) Doesn't give me high hopes that we'll be seeing a serious change in 
                            GOP dogma before the next election. We seriously need a 3rd party
                            to gain some national traction... this is ridiculous.
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