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So... we won. Now what?

First, let me give this shout out:

Congratulations, President-Elect Obama!!

Now that I have that out of the way, I can only hope that we'll have an administration that understands the value of centrist-governing. For while I have supported the Democrats for the highest office in the land, as well as my Senator, Levin, I also supported a Republican for the House race for my district. I'm not a dyed-in-the-wool Demo.

I don't want to see the far left get everything they want, as I don't think that's any more healthy for a nation than the failed far-Right agenda. This is especially true in the Economic Arena. Unlike the rabid-Right, I don't believe for one second that we're suddenly doomed to be Socialist/Marxist/Communist by the election of Obama. The fact that they can actually make such claims with a straight face and fervent and fearful glint in the eye is scary beyond belief. Ignorance always is.

But I do believe that giving power to one party always leads to a drifting away from coalition-building and encompassing other's wishes and into the extremism that results in parties ending up voted right back out of office. That's just the nature of the beast and of us in general... when we have the power to bring our desires to fruition, we tend to do so, even if others around us object. Fine when you're talking about your personal life... not so fine when you're talking about governing a nation.

So... am I happy that the Republicans were so handily defeated? Yes.

But not because the Republicans are bad people.

I'm glad because this will force the GOP to analyze where they lost the confidence of the American people. It's already started. And I am hopeful that it will lead them to some conclusions about re-embracing their small government/lower taxes/personal freedoms platform that took a serious rotting out by 8 years of Bush/Cheney/Rove/White Fundementalist Christians. I'm hoping that the Social Fundies (for the purpose of my main point, let's just call them the anti-gay faction) will be banished to some 3rd party where the rest of us can just ignore them, like we do current third party candidates.

As an aside, I'm glad to say that I DID vote for local Libertarian and Green candidates this election as well.

I'm hoping that the Republican Party will re-take their identity from the repugnant and hateful tacticians who turned them in the ReTHUGlican Party. If they do so, then perhaps in 2010, they will once again receive enough votes to put them back in place as an affective opposition party. Because that is important. We need an opposition voice to question, debate, and if necessary stop the governing party from going too far in dragging the nation either WAY LEFT or WAY RIGHT.

Of course, that's just my view as an independent moderate.

Still, I have some hope that more moderate voices in the Republican Party who don't want to abandon their GOP identity will have a stronger and more forceful voice in the future of the GOP. Voices like Jon Henke, perhaps? I don't know him, but I'm completely onboard with his article over on the blog, The Next Right.

In part:

The problem is not Republican politicians, although many Republicans politicians are a problem.  The problem is not with the basic ideals of limited government and personal freedom, either.  The problem is a movement that plays small-ball and cedes responsibility for infrastructure to business interests, leadership that rewards those who make friends rather than waves, an entrenched Party and Movement support system that mostly supports itself, an echo chamber that has rotted our intellect, a grassroots that is ill-equipped to shape the Republican Party, and a Republican Party that has replaced strategy with tactics, substance with marketing.

I can only offer my hopes that the voices who think if they just scream the same fear-mongering, hate-mongering, divisive talking points louder it will stick will be drowned out and sent back under the rocks from which they crawled out from.

In other news: Now that the election is over and my nerves are getting settled again, I hope to have a new Watchers review posted this weekend and another chapter of The Cost of Giles in Spanderverse on Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

In other, other news: I'm completely sick that Prop 8 passed in California. COMPLETELY SICK. I wish I could say I was also completely shocked... but I had such hopes.
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