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Okay, I had to post once more to support Palin... I know, weird.

God knows that I do not want Sarah Palin within 20 miles of the White House... EVER, but I just have to say that this is bullshit.

How anyone in the McCain camp can lay any defeat at Palin's feet with the shoddy way his campaign has been run under Schmidt, et al. is really rich. McCain has done very little but shoot himself in the foot every time he tried another "Hail Mary Pass" for attention.

You've got his own spokesman telling the media that John McCain doesn't speak for the McCain campaign, you got that disastrous (just look at the polling) stunt of swooping in to save the "rescue package" and then sitting like a lump and getting in the way, you've got the heroic "I am going to suspend my campaign during this crisis... right after I stay in New York for an interview... oh, wait, I'm not suspending after all" that just made him look clueless and ridiculous, need I go on.

Give Sarah a break. I can completely believe that she needs to break away from her McCain staff/handlers since everything we've seen points to them being utterly incompetent boobs. You go, Sarah! Say what you gotta say, at least it doesn't come out like a Rove-robot on auto-pilot.

Of course, I think you're a far too right-wing loon to get near the WH, but I do appreciate you keeping it real.
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