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A non-politics post? Really? Uh, yeah.

Okay, so by my posting history lately, you can see that I have been obsessive (little bit) with the Presidential race and the blogosphere represented by memeo....

What you may have been wondering, however, is when I'm going to stop blathering on about McCain and his evil-acolyte campaign tactics and get back to the Spanderverse. I'm wondering that, too, because honestly... trying to write lately has been kicking my ass. Ideas pop into my head, I got to write 'em out, and they vanish like smoke... or fog... or something else equally wispy.

*Frustrated Sigh*

So... here's the plan: Monday is going to be spent in an auto-glass place getting the front windshield replaced (thank you flying rocks... we love you!) and then getting an oil change. This leaves me Tuesday to really sit down with a cup of java and a blank word doc and really not leave until I have two chapters I can live with, before revisions/editing of course. I'll get to that dirty work later. I would like to be struck with inspiration and crank out four, but considering how lackadaisical the muse has been, let's not get our hopes up.

So... that's where we are. Once I get through this story, I'll get to reviewing S6 of Buffy and adapting it (like I did with S5 in earlier Spanderverse) and seeing what I can work with. Willow's crack-whore-magic-addiction thing made me really unhappy and it was clumsily done IMHO. As well, too much time was devoted to the hi-jinks of The Trio. Add both of these and we have a lot of vacuum. And since my series is a Series rather than a collection of unconnected stories, I have my work cut out for me.

In addition, I'd like to get the next review for S1 of Watchers posted.

So... with it all in black and white, like this, perhaps I can find the discipline (HA!) to make it happen.

Hugs --  Rob

Addendum: I suck; I know this. Sorry... I promise 'Watchers'... new review soon! As for Spanderverse, typing a few paragraphs every day and working my way through. -sigh-
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