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Finally, someone who doesn't sound like a WingNut

Illya Somin has an interesting post over at The Volokh Conspiracy which may explain why there is such die hard support for McCain and the Republicans out there, even though all of the evidence should tell everyone they deserve to be tossed out of power.

You should read the whole post, but I'll give you this bit that I found so interesting:

I say this not so much to rally support for McCain (whose candidacy I think is nearly dead anyway), as to outline my fears about what is likely to happen over the next four years. I understand, of course, that none of this is a problem for those who want a major expansion of government power or are at least indifferent to it. But I do think it should be of concern to those libertarians or small government conservatives who welcome an Obama victory. It should also matter to moderates and liberals who recognize that massive expansions of government power in a time of crisis provide major opportunities for abuses of power and interest group power grabs at the expense of the general public

Now, far be it from me to point out a little error in the logic... but read these "fears" closely...  Is this not exactly what we've gotten already... under George Bush/Dick Cheney with the full support of the alleged "smaller government" Republicans?!

When else in modern American history have we had a government who can tap our phones without a warrant, lock people away without trial or hearing for as long as they want, ship people in custody to secret detention in countries that are our 'enemies' (Syria, that's to you), torture by government agents, and the ability to wildly manipulate and cherry-pick intelligence to wage war on an Oil-Producing nation.

"Expansions of Government Power" leads you to be afraid of a Democratic controlled government? Are you serious?

So all of the above, we should just ignore because the top 1% of the U.S. most wealthiest people might have to pay a little more so that we can expand a school lunch program somewhere? That's what we should be afraid of..., yeah.

Apparently, when its a Republican Administration, we should welcome 'expansions of government power' and not worry our little 'Joe Sixpack' heads over it. It's only when the Democrats look poised to run the country, that its time to panic.

And I was actually thinking that ol' Illya might be making sense there for a split-second.
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