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McCain's Campaign

I've been kvetching now for a good bit about how McCain's campaign has been... well, disorganized for a bit now. Not that I particularly minded, because Obama had my vote back around April or so. But, I considered the Senator to be a good man and in another economic climate, possibly even a good President.

In fact, it was a struggle early on to figure out who I would vote for. I'm one of those independent voters who don't subscribe to leftist or righty propoganda talking points. I believe that moderation is the key in all things... including government.

But, even though John lost my vote months ago, I figured that this election would be close and I could live with him in the White House: then came Sarah. And, the names of his advisors. And the fact that Rove converts were heavily involved in his bid.

Wow, now this once honorable man has taken to looking like a demonizing, morally bankrupt, hate-monger because he's losing (according to MOST polls) his bid. I don't know how much of this comes from the man and how much from those Rovian-wannabes I mentioned above.

I don't care. He and Governor Palin have been appalling in their over-heated rhetoric. And now that its gotten so much negative press, now that Moderate Republicans are abandoning him, now that he's all but driven middle-of-the-road Independents into the arms of the democratic nominee... now, he decides to try to put the brakes on the inflammatory lies that he and that Alaskan Bitch have been stoking and encouraging.

Well, I'm sorry Senator McCain... it's far too late to try to recapture some shred of honor now. You can look into the eyes of the wingnuts shouting "terrorist", "Ay-rab", "kill him" and "O-Bomber" and see exactly what you've allowed yourself to be reduced to.

You make me sick. And, you make me wonder what I ever saw in you in the first place.
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