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Ms. Kathleen Parker is SHOCKED!

So, anyone who has been keeping up with the electoral news and blog sites knows that one Ms. Kathleen Parker is in a load of doo-doo because she had the unmitigated gall to suggest that Sarah Palin wasn't exactly qualified to lead the nation.

Perhaps, you're shrugging because you feel the same way. Well, in this case it's a matter of Kathleen being a conservative pundit. You see, she's supposed to always, brainlessly support whoever is the GOP person she's writing about... no matter what.

Because she didn't, she's reaping a reward that she is just shocked, SHOCKED! about. Apparently, Ms. Parker had no idea that rabid, right-wingers could be so ugly in their response. This has gotten a bit of play, as anyone who looks at http://www.memeorandum.com/ daily (as I've become addicted to doing) knows.

Apparently, she doesn't read her own column responses when she's venting her vitriol over whichever 'liberal' she's attacking that week, or this wouldn't have come as such a SHOCK... SHOCK, I TELL YOU!!!

It's not a surprise to me. And yes, there are plenty of nice, safe, anonymous folk on the more liberal blogs who spew just as stupid things. I'm not denying, believe me. But, there is a special brand of right-wing bile on the internet that makes me actually afraid for this nation. It's nice to see a right-wing commentator get a bit of their own medicine.

As I emailed to Ms. Parker directly (not that I think she'll ever get to read it, considering she's received over 11,000 responses to her 'hack-attack' on Palin):

Ms. Parker -
  Please read this commentary about your latest article, describing the more risible of the emails you've received lately. I think it will do you a lot of good. I wish I could offer sympathy for the abuse you're taking at the moment, but anyone could have told you that it would happen the moment you decided to "not tow the line". Of course, you'd only have mocked and written scathing comments about how the "liberal, left wing" were liars. So, I have to tell you, I have no sympathy for you whatsoever.

And then, my dearest woman, please tell Michelle Malkin to never make the mistake that you did. They'll turn on her just as quickly.

This certainly sums up my feelings about Ms. Parker's experiences, lately. But, I have to say that it's nice that the really f-ed up, far-right blatherings are coming into the light of day. How else can a new civility come to public life, if the purveyors of repugnant and ignorant bile (and again, there are liberal posters that need to be called out as well) aren't exposed for the demented assholes they are?

--  I especially liked the response from first-draft's article.
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