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As Long as They Don't Create a World Destroying Blackhole....

I am a buff for supersymmetry and quantum particle physics. Now, I don't do the math at all... I had trouble with "proofs" in Geometry and I couldn't solve a "two trains are travelling" problem to save my life, but I do understand what they're searching for and how it could revolutionize our understanding of the Universe and why we exist as matter.

Maybe it comes from a background in Sci-fi Geekery.

Anyway, I am really exited excited (doh!) by the coming on-line of the Cern Large Hadron Collider.

So, I just wanted to wish them all the best of luck... just in case they create a world destroying blackhole, which kills us all. 

Of course, you'd think that they doomsayers would be thilled beyond all imagining with their "I-told-you-so's"... right before they got sucked up, anyway. After all, with so many ill-timed Apocolypse's that didn't happen... they could finally crow that they were right!

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