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Another Political Posting

So, I say I hate getting too political, but I seem to continue to find posts to post about Old McCain, showing my support for the Democrats this season at every turn.

Does that make me a flip-flopper?!

I found this pretty funny... it's McCain's "Get out of Gaffe" free card, 'cause, in case you haven't heard: he was shot down over Vietnam and spent 5 years in a cell. Don't get me wrong, that makes him a hero in my eyes... it just doesn't mean he gets to skate free everytime he opens his mouth:

Get out of Gaffe Card         I want, I want, I want!!

This is really the major issue that I have with the silence that decends on any critism of him just because something really horrible happened to him while he was at war:

"While McCain’s experience was heroic, did it create a worldview incapable of anticipating the limits to U.S. military power in Iraq? Did he fail to absorb the lessons of Vietnam, so that he is doomed to always want to refight it? Did his captivity inform a search-and-destroy, shoot-first-ask-questions-later, “We are all Georgians,” mentality?"

quote from NYT Online, Maureen Dowd

Why aren't we allowed to even ask the question? And why is the media not calling out his campaign more for mis-using and abusing the "he was in a prison" mantra?!

But then, I'm just an Obama supporter, so obviously that makes me automatically wrong.
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