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Is McCain's Own Trying to Make Him Look Foolish?!

I try not to post anything too political on here, except for things about Gay Rights, like my post a few days ago, but sometimes I just have to.

Now, I'll fully disclosure here that I'm voting Democrat this November for the President. I don't care if the Republicans put up this century's Mother Theresa who comes to the podium with God's spectral hand on her shoulder... I am so sickened by Bush/Cheney that I've had enough (I've never been a staunch Repub nor Democ... I remain stubbornly independent).

But I gotta say that I'm wondering if the RNC has given up on getting themselves elected to the office, anyway. I mean, they seem to be going out of their way to make their own candidate look like a fool... what is with this spokesperson?! And who's fucking campaign is it, anyway Dumb-ass!?

Basically, a campaign spokesman, the day after McCain made a statement about what he'd consider doing in office to prop up Social Security (raise taxes... but only as an option to consider, he didn't make any firm statements) went on National Television and completely undercut his own candidate by 100% disagreeing with him on his own policy considerations... UH, WHAT?!

Isn't people in a campaign supposed to be espousing the candidate's talking points and PR/SPINNING it into a good thing, rather than simply disagreeing outright with them?




Jeezus H. Crabapple, John... I think you need to take Mr. Tucker Bounds aside and either get him on the same page as you, fire his ass, or beat the shit out of him because he surely is not doing you any good. Seriously, I'm thinking the GOP has given up on you and is just trying to cover the GOP backside for the next Senate/House elections... especially since they've already hemorraged seats.
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