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A Glimmer of Hope for our Gay Brethren in the Military.

Okay, so maybe the "don't ask, don't tell" policy the military uses to enforce secrecy on our gay service members isn't going to be overturned anytime soon, despite the fact that Israel and Great Britain's armed forces don't see to suffer any when gays openly serve. But once in a while, we do have some small reason to hope that things are changing enough in civil society for our strong, proud, military members to also receive the respect they deserve.

Maybe, all it's really going to take is more 'witnesses', like this one:

          .... bitch.

Elaine Donnelly, a crusader against gays in the military, torpedoes her own ship. (By Melina Mara -- The Washington Post)

Read the full story ....  Sorry We Asked, Sorry You Told   By Dana Milbank
Thursday, July 24, 2008 - Washington Post

Remember, it wasn't all that long ago that bullshit like this wench spews would have been taken as self-evident truths.

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