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Another flipping update... really?

Yeah, I know. I've been guilty of some serious slacking here. No stories posted to Spanderverse, no review/recommendations of WaTchers, no Buffy reviews (but that has a reason - I want to get a DVD drive for the computer first so I can post images with the reviews) and basically no nothing.

So, since I'm not ready to post to Spanderverse yet, I thought I'd just post a quick update. I've got 5 chapters typed out and have added/expanded/fleshed out four of them. I've got the bad thing planned out (sort of) in my head and the ideas are a-percolating on how to tie it into both Giles-Book of Midnight and Adam-Aprilbot-Trio.

I've a scene in mind, as well, bringing Tara's concerns over Willow/ 'Rescuing' Buffy to Xander and by extension, his bringing Anya in (who better to find the Urn, than her?). I have a secondary, behind the scenes villain sketched in my head, but he needs fleshing out. I know that he'll be bringing the motorcycle demons to raid Sunnydale in and then conspiring to use the Hellmouth is some way later on in the 'season'.

Buffybot will be hanging around for a few more episodes at the least and may end up staying for most of 'S6'. I haven't made up my mind about that, yet.

I'm still trying to figure out how to bring Tara's potion, Xander's refusal to drink it and the shakeup over it into the story. (From a time frame pov, it should have been dealt with at the end of 'Rebuilding', actually.)

So... that's basically where I'm at. Progressing, slowly, but surely toward posting....

Hugs to all --  Rob
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