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Spanderverse post

The last story I have completed is now posted to spanderverse. I'm not sure when I'll have a new story, unfortunately. I have a few scenes in mind, but not enough to string them into a coherent story. With so much of S6 of Buffy not occurring in Spanderverse (including the magic as crack metaphor) I need to do some serious work on some original plots... obviously not a strong suit, judging by my lack of success thus far. Spanderverse was easier to this point since I had the entire Riley/Glory/Key/Joyce basic elements already in place and I just needed to re-work them.

I'm going to use my down time at work to plot out a "season" starting with the character developments and then going back to working on various bad guy threats, but I don't know how long this will take or how successful I'll be. I certainly don't want to end the series with Dawn. I'll keep you posted:

Day to Day - This is a single chapter story dealing with what's going on in Dawn's head after her miraculous recovery from her encounter with Vanessa Reston.
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