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Do you like movie reviews and commentary?

I spend a lot of time online surfing to various movie review sites, always on the look out for new movies to add to my "buy list". Mostly, these consist of 70's classics in horror and sci-fi (and anything by Harryhausen which go back further, of course). 

I especially enjoy sites whose writers are humorous. Among the best are the "B-Movie" sites. I'm sure I've recommended Liz Kingsley's site among my very first posts, but she's worth pointing to again (she even gets a shout out in my "After 314" Riley story within Spanderverse).

So, if you enjoy B-Movies and want to read funny reviews from the POV of a real-life scientist (which points out all of the fallacies in the movies, but does so with warm affection for the genres) then I hope you'll give her some more site traffic:  

...And You Call Yourself a Scientist!

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