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Spanderverse: Dracula completely posted

Finally I've got the whole story posted, but not exactly the way I'd want.

Chapter 12, part one: A Night of Bloodletting

In the aftermath of Dracula's 'defeat', life in Sunnydale returns to normal. Xander finds that life is improving except for Anya and Spike's sniping at one another over his attention.

Chapter 12, part two:

Dracula, not quite defeated, launches his attack on Xan leaving him near-death. But he's not the only one as one of his new friends is made to pay.

Chapter 13: A Sweet Bit of Vengeance

With Xan taken care of, Spike and Anya come to a truce. In the meantime, Dracula isn't finished. Tara is targeted and someone close to Xander dies.

Chapter 14, part one: Banishment

The gang deal with the fallout from Chapter 13 as they try to come up with a way to stop Dracula once and for all.

Chapter 14, part two:

Spike and Xander have a one on one conversation in the hospital as they wait to hear word on whether Buffy has stopped the Count.

Chapter 14, part three:

The Scooby gang go on the offensive against Dracula.

Again... sorry for having to break up the larger chapters. You'll have to scroll to take 'em in the proper order. The next story has shorter chapters, so I won't run into this.

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