harsens_rob (harsens_rob) wrote,

Hello, Marsh.

My home continues to be under mild assault from a marsh that is trying to reclaim the island for itself.

I'm trying not to blame it. But, it really sucks. I was so worried about the Great Lakes levels when they were too low, but now we've had the opposite extreme and there is too much water to stay where (in my selfish opinion) it belongs.

  My neighbors still have it worse, though. Those are two front yards!

My yard is more a semi-permanent mud puddle with the invasive phragmites springing up.

The frogs are certainly happy with my newfound standing water at the back of my house, though. It's nicely shaded, it's nicely wet, and there are plenty of mosquitoes hanging about.

The encrouching marsh has brought me a new visitor.

"Hey, my little dude. I think you're supposed to be hiding in the reeds. Could you spend more time eating the weeds in my neglected "flower" bed?

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