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Reviews and current status....


Hi gang of mine.

  I wanted to post an easy update on the BOOM!BTVS-verse reviews.

  The facts are that I am currently caught up on the reviews for this series. This is most due to the unfortunate impacts of the COVID-19 epidemic. [I know, there is some conserva-idiocy claiming all sorts of disinformation for political gain... FUCK YOU ALL.], as it has impacted my receiving shipments in a timely matter due to the lack of workers.

  I could find a local (read mainland) shop to buy issues in a more timely manner. But, I'm simply not going to. It costs me $10 everytime I leave the island, and it's just too much to cross over, on the vague hope that the local shop about 25 min. away will have a current shipment, when I'm currently only crossing over for groceries.

  It doesn't help that I'm in the habit of buying series that have nothing to due with my interests if my primary reason for shopping doesn't have my intended purchase. Among the more ... questionable... purchases are SECTUARS or Superman vs. Masters of the Universe and Powerlords.

  These were because my target buy wasn't there, yet, and I couldn't just walk out not having purchased something.

  I guess the point is that "Yes, I'm continuing to purchase BOOM!BTVS & ANGEL&SPIKE, but my shipper is behind. So, you'll see reviews as they come into my mailbox".

  In the meantime, I fully intend to continue my series and movies of interest reviews, but they're slower to be done simply because they take more time and effort and I have a [not-much, admittedly] life to see to.

-- Hugs to you all. I absolutely DO appreciate that I'm not posting to a dark void.

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