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Best of/Worst of Character Moments: The Winchesters


Hey Gang, I'm on a role and want to get in one last Best of/Worst of post today.

So, let's revisit Supernatural! Our episode to be scrutinized this time out is, "Shadow".

Our Main protagonists are: Dean and Sam Winchester, John Winchester.


Dean: I give Dean a Half-KUDO for distracting Meg by noisely 'attempting an escape' from his bindings, so Sam could do the escaping when Meg's back was turned.

Sam: Sam gets a KUDO for quickly figuring that a flare is exactly what's needed when saving your brother and dad from a shadow-based demon.

John: I like that John was suspecting a trap and was careful with his sudden appearance. I'll give him a Half-KUDO.

I'm a'gonna give the Forces of Evil a half-KUDO for the play at Sam and John Winchester [Dean seems to be seen as irrelevant to anything by Meg's master]. Sam is nearly captured, and John is very nearly killed off. And, I liked that the Daeva shadow-creatures killing Meg after she loses control of them, is also a big fake.

OUR FAMILY IS: Dimwitted!

Dean- Well, Dean's obsession with his little brother having sex is icky. But it wasn't as overly-pushy as in past episodes, so I'm letting him go without any demerits.

Sam- Nothing Sam did in this episode earned my ire.

John- For a change, I didn't find John to be demerit-worthy.

Well - I gotta go with a special Half-DEMERIT to the Forces of Evil for randomly killing off people, and then hoping/waiting for the Winchesters to show up because it is obvious that this whole 'Shadow'-creature is a set-up. I wonder how many times they had to pull this in how many cities before Dean and Sam just happened to discover it and make the trip? Seems really inefficient.

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