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Best of/Worst of ... Steve Austin


Yay, another post! And we're still continuing with my rash of Best of/Worst of Character Moments.

This post is all about Steve Austin's third telefilm, "The Solid Gold Kidnapping". Which, I could've sworn I already did at some point. But, well... that'll be embarassing, I guess.

Our Main Players will be: Steve Austin, Oscar Goldman, Dr. Erica Bergner, Ambassador William. Cameron. Mitchell.


Steve: Huh. I don't... I don't actually have a kudo for Steve? Something ain't right.

Oscar: I like Oscar's demeanor throughout this film, and his decision to risk Erica's health and life in order to get the more-important Ambassador William. Cameron. Mitchell. back. But that isn't a kudo.

Erica: While there are some disturbing aspects to Erica's research, you've got to hand it to her for developing the ability to take memory engrams from one person's dead body and incorporating them into another live person's brain and gain, even if imperfect, those memories. KUDO

William: No kudos to you Ambassador BigMouth.


Steve- I've nothing to demerit Steve over. No nuclear missiles being detonated to kill some bad guy.

Oscar- The entire enterprise of tapping $1B in gold and having it shipped in flimsy crates on a not-so-heavily/competently guarded trek on the off-chance that a rescue can't be had for one Ambassador -- no matter how needed he may've been for an international treaty deal -- is ridiculous. No, Oscar... no!  DEMERIT

Erica- I've nothing at all bad to say about Dr. Bergner ... well outside of tampering in God's Domain, of course. But, no demerit.

William- Our good Ambassador has an ultra-important meeting with the leadership in Peking, China [now Beijing]. This meeting is so top secret, that William is to be checked into a hospital, snuck out the back way and spirited across Europe to reach it. Our Ambassador naturally tells his side-piece all about it... including the logistics of his coming clandestine travel arrangements. DEMERIT!

Hm. I have a Half-DEMERIT to hand to Julian Peck. That abduction attempt on Steve in Switzerland was so, so half-assed that I just can't even. Doing it on a public street in broad daylight was bad enough, but then one of the henchman was apparently instructed to run Steve over with a car to subdue him? How did Julian end up with such a trusted position in the high-stakes kidnapping organization, if this has been his working method?

I'm giving a special DEMERIT to all the someone's who okay'd Oscar's cockamamie plan to box up and ship $1B worth of gold from the U.S. Treasury as a ransom. It's ridiculous.

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