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Best Of/Worst of... Kolchak


Hello, my beautiful readers. In my effort to start getting back to actual, regular posting, I'm working my way through my Best Of/Worst Of Character Moments series. For this post, we're taking a look back the last Kolchak: The Night Stalker review I've got up, "The Vampire", to see where our hero stands tall - and where he doesn't.

But is Carl the only main player this time out: Kolchak, Tony Vincenzo, Faye Kruger, Lt. Jack Mateo will round out our main players.


Carl: Carl takes himself out another supernatural killer -- and another vampire, to boot. KUDO

Tony: No kudos for the boss.

Faye: I've nothing to hand to you.

Jack: No, Jack.


Carl- Oh. Oh, Carl. You are the worst type of user in this one. What he does to nurture Faye Kruger's return to journalism with outrageous lies, while planning to steal her work is unforgivable. It isn't cute, Carl. DEMERIT!
    I'm not gonna lie, though, Carl is nearly made of demerit in this one.

Tony- I'm sorry, Tony, but you're full of bullshit. And awful at your job. Whatever trouble Carl caused in L.A., once it's discovered that he's at a crime scene of a multiple-murder - with one of the victims being a known football player with a major league - you don't harp on a socialite story about a wedding. DEMERIT

Faye- Oh, Faye. You were told to write an article on the guru and his wedding plans. Why would you focus on a real estate ad for his house, even if you are the realtor. That's... dumb.

Jack- Look, I know that Carl is a pain in the ass. I know that he gets on an outlandish theory and then blabs it all over in a too-loud voice. BUT, HE IS A MATERIAL WITNESS TO A MULTIPLE-MURDER --- WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING, TELLING HIM TO LEAVE THE CITY... AND THE STATE... IMMEDIATELY!?! DEMERIT for piss-poor decision making.

I have to hand out a DEMERIT to side-character, "Jim" the news anchor. He's a bet welsher. If you time travel back to the '70s, don't make any bets with any Jim/Jameses in television anchor positions.

I also have to issue myself another DEMERIT for the original posting. While going through to find kudos & demerits, I had to keep editing the original review due to really clumsy errors.

Wow, another DEMERIT -- this one to vampire-Katherine, who has chosen - out of all of the properties that must be available around the L.A. area - to rent a house that has an inconvenient, giant cross on a hillside within jogging distance of it. And then also chooses to chase nosy reporters up that hill and right into that giant, awful cross' shadow. Oh, fang!Kathy, why?

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