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Best of/Worst of: BTVS


Hello, Best of/Worst of... Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

Today's post is going to take a look at Buffy's season 10, Issue 12 in which Buffy and Spike once again approach maybe acting on the thing between them... again....

Our Main Players in this drama are: Buffy, Spike, Xander, Willow, Dawn, Rupert, Andrew


Buffy: I got nothing.

Spike: The answer is no, Spike.

Xander: I like Xander trying to apply his insights from his own therapy to help his friends, but really, he should leave that to professionals. Plus, he's also being too pushy about it. And I got no kudos, on top of it.

Willow: Nuthin' there, either.

Dawn: Nope.

Rupert: Uh-uh.

Andrew: I do like Andrew playing the superhero... but he's also a bit boorish, to be honest. No kudos.

I'm handing out a special KUDO to Andrew's friends, Clive and Julie, for their part in battling alongside Andrew.


Buffy- I gotta give Buffy a Half-DEMERIT for her lack of tactical sense. She wastes time with battling a flesh golem, when The Sculptor is right there. Worse, she even recognizes that she's not effective against the golem!

Spike- I gotta give Spike a Half-DEMERIT for his lack of tactical sense. He wastes time with battling a flesh golem, when The Sculptor is right there. Worse, he even recognizes that he can't be effective against the golem!

Xander- Nah, Xan is fine.

Willow- Nothing annoyed me.

Dawn- You're doing swell, Dawn.

Rupert- Rupert... your lack of control is problematic. And, I don't like the horny-teen you in the least: Please go masturbate, more. Half-DEMERIT

Andrew- Andy... you've got superstrength. Why are you wasting it on a golem, when you can attack The Sculptor who is RIGHT THERE? Yes, you also get a Half-DEMERIT. Now, go stand in the corner with Buffy and Spike, and you can all think about what you could've done different.

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