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Best of / Worst of... Angel & Faith


Hello, my long-suffering, sweetheart readers.

As I am once again, kinda-back into the review game after an extended time away, I thought I should start taking a look at 'Best of/Worst of' again, too. So, here we are, about to sit in judgement of our characters in Dark Horse's Angel & Faith, S2 (or Angel, S8 - if you wish). Today we're looking at Issue 10.

It's been so long, so let me set the scene: Faith is with Kennedy's corporate venture, Deepscan. She's a bit ambivalent about it the structure of a employee-worklife interacting with her Slayerness, but she's sticking with it because Deepscan has a mission in the jungle-forests of Suriname to find some rich executive. Now, ordinarily this wouldn't be enough to make her stay, but there was a previous attempt to find this exec which included a now missing Riley Finn.

And Faith has some atonement to meet.

In the meantime, Angel is in 'Magic Town', London. He's in a bit of a jam, because powerful witch Amy Madison is pissed off that he refused her request for help in resurrecting her liquified boyfriend, Warren.

Our Main Players in Angel's tale are: Angel & Nadira (former Slayer, now mystic in contact with the growing sentience of the Magic Town entity).

Our Main Players in Faith's tale: Faith, Mai (fellow Slayer) & Reese Zane. [I wanted to include Riley and Sam, but they're just underused here.]


Angel: Jeezus, Angel. Again?? No kudos???

Nadira: Our mystic gains no kudo.

Faith: I got nothing for Faith.

Mai: I got nothing in particular for Mai.

Reese: Okay, Reese finally does something that makes her presence in Suriname worth it. And she gets a big ol' KUDO for staking her vampire-former-father quickly, efficiently and without a lot of angst.

OUR CHARACTERS ARE: Y'all Can Just Suck It!

Angel: Ugh. Angel's backup planning to stop Amy is entirely absent. He planned his one shot, and then... oops, didn't work: I guess I'll get my ass kicked and hope somebody else comes up with an idea. DEMERIT

Nadira: She's a bit irritating these days, but that doesn't earn a Dreaded-Demerit of HarsenRob's-Judgement.

Faith: There isn't a demerit for Faith.

Mai: Nothing from Mai disappointed me.

Reese: Surprisingly, Reese wasn't a stone around our Slayers' neck this time out.

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