harsens_rob (harsens_rob) wrote,

My neighbors are flooded.


I live on an island that has a lot of marshland. This marshland is usually scenic and calming, and plays into my love of being near the water (even if I don't go in it). But we had two full days of rain, and the ground can't take it. My neighbor two doors down abuts the marsh itself. And now, the marsh has decided to claim both that property and the one right next door to moi. My far backyard is also under, and a dip in my front yard has standing water, but I somehow got away okay -- thus far.

Alas, my new digi-camera wasn't delivered until late today, so I couldn't show you the weirdest part. There were fish -- big 'uns -- swimming in their front yards, splashing around. They're not there now, thankfully, 'cause I was afraid that they'd get stuck and die and then stink up the block.


Tags: harsens island, weather

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