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Just an opinion post, because why not?


First, for those that are reading for Buffy reviews: I do have Boom!Buffy #12 and Hellmouth number 5 on tap, but I'm having a problem with my Epson Scanner/Printer ET-2720 telling me there is a communications error, even though all the system's tests also say it is working normally. It's more than a bit fukkin' irritating. I don't want to post reviews without caps, but I may need to until the bullshit ends [I'm hoping a reboot of the PC and re-entering the stupid printer/network settings will resolve, but I'm afraid it won't].

I'm also working on "White Zombie", which I've been wanting to see for awhile.

This month, through until March, has been hectic and... irregular due to work, so I apologize for my telling you all that I was more committed to semi-regular posting, just to end up not semi-regular posting. Honestly, I tried -- but as per usual when it comes to my life - the most basic fukkin' tasks end up being not as easy and straightforward as it seems - something is always screwing up just to vex me. It has been this way my whole life... but I'm whining now. I'm not in a hurricane/tornado zone and I'm not threatened by an authoritarian regime or rebel soldiers' intent on torturing me so I should shut the fuck up.

The point is that I'm not just ignoring that I'm supposed to be posting reviews. It's more that life/fate finds a way to vex me over the most simplist of things... constantly. [I hate my life! And I feel guilty about hating my life, because I recognize that this is First World Problems, and it could be so, so much worse if I was born in other areas of this world.]

So, I am planning on posting soon for Boom!Buffy, even if I can't include screen caps because my WiFi printer wants to fight me to the death... and I think I may be the one that dies.

Tags: complaint, my apology, opinion

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