harsens_rob (harsens_rob) wrote,

Hey everyone: New reviews posted next week.


Next week, I'm on PTO & I will be definitely committed to the following reviews:

Boom!Hellmouth 2
Boom!Buffy 9
Boom!Angel 7
Boom!Buffy 10
Boom!Hellmouth 3
BTVS, Season 3, Ep 16

These will be done. Everything beyond that is a bonus for me.

Heading into the New Year, and with the crazy holiday scheduling completed at work, I hope to post no less than one review a week (which means you should plan on 1 every two weeks and be impressed when/if there are more than that).

To everyone still caring to visit this forlorn site, I sincerely thank you. I wonder why, but I thank you.

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