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Best of/Worst of Buffyverse character moments; Angel & Faith


Good Morning, my readers.

  Before my real-world drudgery, I thought we could visit a few Best Of/Worst Of Character Moments. And to start us off, I've chosen to visit Angel and Faith. This is Angel S8, but I could also accept Angel & Faith, S2. Our focused issue today is Number 09.

  Our mains are Angel, Faith, her Slayer supporter Mai, Reese Zane & Samantha Finn.

Our Characters Are Being Awesome!

Angel: I like Angel's actually planning for the next confrontation with Amy, and his reaching out for assistance. Half-Kudo

Faith: I like Faith exercising her tactical planning abilities, inherent in the Slayer-line. She gets a Half-Kudo.

Mai: Mai doesn't get another kudo this time out.

Reese: Reese Zane continues getting no kudos.

Samantha: I appreciate Sam supporting Faith's tactics, but that doesn't earn a kudo. Her sniper shooting almost got a half-one, but then I realized that she is special forces, so this should be a given.

A special Anti-KUDO to Amy. She's always ready to counter Angel's attempts at outwitting her!

Our Characters Are Just Lacklustre!

Angel- I didn't find Angel on the receiving end of a demerit.

Faith- Faith isn't in the doghouse.

Mai- Mai is fine by me.

Reese- Okay, I understand her not wanting to retreat when she came all this way for her father, and he's a no-show (at first), so I'm not issuing a demerit for her continued obstinance in this case.

Sam Finn- Sam doesn't get any demerits.

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