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Best of/Worst of Buffy character moments: S10, Issue 10


Welcome back, my few readers still with me after my inexcusable, but uncorrected, lack of regular, timely posting.

We're again exploring the characters in the Buffyverse, where I spy with my little eye on their triumphs and tragedies - not from plot, but from character choices.

Our subject this time, is Season 10, Issue 10 ... with Harmony [sigh].

Our Characters Are Amazing!

Buffy: I like Buffy not putting her desires above the Mystic Council when it comes to the rules of Magic... even when it will make things more difficult for her in the long run, by leaving the powers of the new-rules vampires in place- at least as night. Half-KUDO

Willow: I also like Willow being willing to take Viki's vampire faction side, even though it makes things more difficult for themselves, when those vampires with powers decide to break the no-fatalities clause of Harmony's Vampire Behavior Rules. Half-KUDO

Spike: I'm not going to hand Spike a kudo, though I do like that he isn't seriously considering fixing his and Buffy's relationship with the new rules of Magic book. But because he isn't seriously considering it, there isn't a jeopardy that he may've done so.

Harmony: I have to continue to give Harmony some respect over her self-created role as a representative to old-school vampires, while she also navigates on keeping relations with new-school vampires peaceful. She's damned near an outright Ambassador. KUDO

Clem: I love you, Clem. In not allowing his Love for Harmony to blind him to the importance of not making rash changes to the new book of Magic, Clem again shows that he's a decent man: KUDO

Xander: I'm giving a Half-KUDO to Xander for not using the new book of Magic to restore his relationship with Dawn back to her pre-reset incident. It must be very tempting to "put things right", but he's avoided doing so because of the risks.

Dawn is only cameo-ing, but I'm handing her a Half-KUDO for the same reasons as Xander earned his. Xander says that Dawn has also daydreamed of just fixing their relationship back resetting everything with the book to how it was. But she hasn't. And, it's very mature of her and Xander to actually be discussing the possibilities with each other, rather than one making the decision behind the other's back.

Our Characters Are SO DISAPPOINTING!

Buffy: I know it was just a comedy moment, but I have to give Buffy a Half-DEMERIT for the slight at the Leprechaun. She did it while in her role of arbitrator to the New Rules of Magic, so not only was it disrepectful - but it was the 'office of arbitrator' that was disrespecting him.

Willow: Willow continues to be clumsy about her protective wards. Despite Andrew getting around carrying off the book, Willow has apparently not considered that a vampire/demon may gain access to the tome and completely screw up the world with it. Harmony should never have been able to open the book, let alone had anything written in it by Clem. DEMERIT

Spike: Spike's both leaving the all-important new book of Magic lying around, and turning his back on someone as self-centered as Harmony leads to him getting a DEMERIT.

Harmony: As much as Harms obvs is horrible, she doesn't earn a demerit for doing what she does. She's still soulless, after all.

Clem: I'm quite unhappy with Clem for going along with Harmony's plan to get her hands on the new book of Magic. I want so much for him to be better: Half-DEMERIT

Xander: Xan does nothing to earn a demerit.

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