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Best of/Worst of Buffy character moments: S3, Ep8


Hey Gang: Once again, it's been awhile since we've visited with TV-Buffy and the next review is for "Dopplegangland", so there is no excuse on my dragging my feet, really. But in the meantime, I've also realized it's been awhile since re-visited TV-Buffy for a Best Of/Worst Of Character Moments posting, too!

Well, let's correct that right now. We're looking at our characters with an appraising glare to issue a kudo for strong character, and a demerit for their failings.

In this post, we're looking at "Lovers Walk", episode 8 of season 3.

Our Characters Are Swell!

Xander: Xan gets zero kudos in this episode.

Willow: There are no kudos to be had by Willow.

Cordelia: Nothing is handed to Cordy.

Oz: Oz is adorable, but that doesn't earn a kudo.

Buffy: I just can't manage a kudo for Buffy.

Angel: And Angel? He so rarely earns a kudo, and he doesn't here. [But I do like that he encourages Buffy to leave Sunnydale for a college not in a Hellmouth town.]

Rupert Giles is more of a glorified cameo in this episode, so isn't listed in our Character List. But I want to hand him a Half-KUDO. He remains staunchly behind Buffy, and supportive, even when it comes to her relationship with Angel - which for obvious reasons, he can't fully embrace.

Spike gets a honest KUDO from me for the insightful way he sums up Buffy and Angel's relationship status in one inspiring speech, cutting right through the lies that Buffy and Angel have been telling themselves, even as their actions were already strongly suggesting those lies.

Our Characters Dwell in Sucks!

Xander: Xander is bugging the shit outta me, by constantly flirting with Willow, even as he mouths platitudes about their not repeating their indiscretions. He's really kinda a shit. Half-DEMERIT

Willow: Oh, Willow. Using magic over an unwanted attraction seems really petty, and dangerous. Half-DEMERIT

Cordelia: Cordy did nothing to earn a demerit.

Oz: No demerits passed Oz' way.

Buffy: Buffy!! Dammit... how could you not have gotten the anti-vampire spell cast on the house after Spike left town, just as an automatic defense thingie!?! DEMERIT ... it's a good thing that Spike actually finds himself liking Joyce.

Angel: Angel doesn't do anything to earn my ire.

In retrospect, I have to pass a Half-DEMERIT to Mayor Wilkins. For somebody concerned that hijinks in Sunnydale could derail his ascension plans that he's been working on for 100 years, the fact he did nothing to intervene in the Angelus/Acathla plan is a real problem. [The pitfalls of retroactively inserting character schemes into earlier seasons....] Angelus sucking the world into hell would've pretty much destroyed any of Richard's plans to ascend into a full demon on Earth.

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