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Recommend. I haven't got another category, because I haven't reviewed it.


Please. Please. If you have Netflix, if you're going to sign onto Netflix anyway, I'm asking you to watch "The Haunting of Hill House".

It's a tough one during the first few episodes until you grasp that it is flashbacking through the story. But it's worth it. I LOVE this series. I love what they did with Shirley's story.

I wish to recommend to everyone who is already willing to subscribe. The director and the actors (amazingly even the child-actors) is full of heart and horror, once you think about it.

I've really too much in the review column now to add this one. But I fully commend. Fully.

I would love to review, even though it would be tough because of the episode-by-episode non-answers it follows. But when you hit Ep 5.. if You're Not Hooked, I can't help you. I was left haunted. And that is something that Ft13th and Nightmare of Elm Street hasn't done (especially Nell).

So, I'm posting a recommend, even though I can't review right now.

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