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Best of/Worst of Character Moments... King Kong


And welcome once again for my Best of/Worst of Character Moments day. For our next entry in our mini-series of judging our protaganists on when they're heroic and when they're repugnant, I'm casting my eye on the humans of King Kong: The Eighth Wonder of the World.

Our focus characters this time are:

King Kong (I'm not sure I should include him, so I'm going to): Giant Ape God who gets nabbed from his island home, thrust into a foreign world of noise and bright lights and meets a bad end over it. None of which is his fault.

Carl Denham: A tool. And a movie writer/director/producer/cameraman. But mostly a tool.

Ann Darrow: The leading lady to Carl's egotism, who gets way more horror that one person deserves, unless they're Hitler.

Jack Driscoll: First Officer of the ship that Carl hires. He hates dames on his ship, but warms up to Ann.

Our Characters Are DA BOMB, YO!

Kong: Kong is a boss, and despite monster after monster coming at him, he wins all the battles. KUDO

Carl: Carl is an ass, and he gets nothing from me.

Ann: Ann gets a Half-KUDO for her resilience and strength though all of the horror she goes through.

Jack: Jack deserves his KUDO for rescuing Ann several times through extreme hardship and physical effort.

I'm giving a group KUDO to the ship's complement, including the Captain for doggedly chasing after a giant ape on a monster filled island to rescue one woman. Alas, most die, but they're determined and brave.

Our Characters Are A WET SQUIB, NO!

Kong- Kong acts like a giant, enraged ape. I can't give him a demerit, despite the deaths he causes.

Carl- Well, Carl is... that is, he's... LOOK, this whole mess is on him. He gets a demerit for existing, but I gotta be more specific, so... DEMERIT for placing the ship's crew and Ann in danger and never once taking responsibility for his carelessness and rashness that leads to dozens, or even a hundred deaths.

Ann- I will give Ann a Half-DEMERIT for some times when she has a route to escape, but doesn't take it because she's too busy standing and screeching.

Jack- Jack annoys me in the beginning with his he-man attitude, and he comes close to earning a demerit for the way he dismisses Charlie, but in the end, I'm letting him slide.

I have to give the Ship's Captain a DEMERIT as well. The master of the ship did nothing to stop the situation caused by Carl from spinning out of control.

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