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Best of/Worst of Buffy Character Moments


Hello all,

Welcome back to our examinations of the BTVS characters in light of their triumphs and failures. We're examining our heroes to hand them KUDOS for a job well done, or DEMERITS for disappointing behavior and actions.

Today's subject is Season 10, Issue 09:

Our focus characters are:

Buffy, fighting the Soul Glutton.

Spike, doing the same at her side.

Willow, trying to find Andrew and stop him from doing whatever he's trying to do with his resurrection shenanigans.

Andrew, poor, guilt-racked Andrew continually trying to make up for his past with Warren in the most appalling of ways.

Our Characters... WAY TO GO!

Buffy: I'm going to give Buffy a Half-KUDO for how she handled Andrew in the end.

Spike: Not a kudo for Spike, but I did appreciate his telling Buffy to kill him if Will gets stripped away.

Willow: Willow gets a KUDO for stopping Andrew because of the potential impact on Tara, and her embracing of Andy, rather than outright condemning him.

Andrew: Andrew does the right thing in the end, but he doesn't get a kudo for that.

Our Characters... NICE SCREW-UP, ASSHATS!

Buffy- I don't see a demerit here.

Spike- Hmmm... nada.

Willow- Willow's not thinking to immobilize Andrew when she couldn't retrieve the Book, or stop SIRI's incantation felt clumsy. Half-DEMERIT

Andrew- Oh, Andrew. Did I give you a demerit for resurrection shenanigans last issue...? I did. So, I'm going to avoid a double-tap. But I'm really annoyed at you for this.

I have a special DEMERIT for the Soul Glutton, who had all the time he needed to suck either Buffy or Spike dry, and did neither. Did you really want to win, S.G.?

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