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Best of/Worst of... Angel & Faith character moments



Welcome back again to another series of entries in my "Best of/Worst of Character Moments" series. Our first entry to uh, be entered, is for the confusing Angel comic series. So...

If you're me,  this is Angel & Faith, Season 2. Also, if you're me this counts as Angel, Season 8.
If you're Dark Horse Comics, and therefore clearly wrong, we're looking at Angel, Season 10.

Today's issue is number 8, whatever season you want to call it.

Blurb: Faith decided to stay in the employ of Deepscan when she found out that her next mission concerned the missing Riley Finn - a guy with whom she has a past. Now, Faith and a team of Slayers search the South American jungle for Riley, his wife, and a missing tycoon, Walt Zane. In London’s Magic Town, Angel does his best to aid the people transformed by the magical virus he helped cause - currently he’s occupied with a request from an old [not]Wiccan [not]friend, Amy Madison.

Our Main Players Are...

Angel, who is having scary nightmares/flashbacks of Angelus' funtimes when he's not trying to figure out how to go about "helping" Amy, while not because she wants to bring back that psycho-boyfriend of hers.

Faith, who is with the Deepscan Players in Suriname still.

Sam Finn, who is trying to find her hopefully not dead/vamped husband.

Reese Zane, who won't go to safety because she thinks that spending money on their expedition to find her missing father means she has a right to be an ill-prepared hanger-on putting the Slayers in danger who have to split their focus on watching after her stupid ass.

[Huh. I liked this issue, especially character interactions, but because so much of the story was those interactions, it turned out not to have any shining moments to kudo. Sorry for a really empty posting.]

Our Characters Are Terrific!

Angel: I've not a kudo to give for the lug... again, and as usual.

Faith: I like Faith's comic counterpart a lot, but there wasn't enough heroics to get a kudo. I'm glad she was straight with Sam about who she was upfront. But no kudo.

Sam: I don't have a kudo for Sam Finn, either.

Reese: I've had enough of Reese stumbling through the jungle, and she doesn't get a kudo.

Our Characters Are Garbage!

Angel- I do respect Angel's admiting that he's a bit of a hypocrit. But, y'know, it doesn't excuse him being a hypocrit. Half-Demerit

Faith- I've only the minor problem of Faith not ditching Reese, but no demerit.

Sam- I'm disappointed that Sam didn't just tell Reese her presence wasn't valuable at this point in the mission, but no demerit.

Reese- Okay. This woman is NOT prepared for a jungle battle against vampires. She should NOT keep insisting on going everywhere, forcing the Slayers to concentrate on her protection when they're facing a coming battle. She gets a Half-Demerit [she avoids a full one, because nobody is pointing any of this out to her except me, and nobody ever listens to me].

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