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Best of/Worst of... Buffy, S10, I08


Hey, and welcome back to another edition of Best of/Worst of ...  The series in which I lay a critical eye on our characters, rather than plot, in order to give them a reward for a job well done, or a demerit for disappointing my expectations of them.

As the subject line kinda-sorta-intimated, if you stare really hard, this post is concerning our main players in Season 10's Issue 08:

Blurb: The rules of magic are literally being rewritten. With day-walking vampires and a male Slayer, Buffy & Co. are trying to keep the weirdness under control. Willow is focused on learning the new rules, while Giles is coming to terms with his newfound youth, and Xander is trying to save his relationship with Dawn. Still, Buffy has her family together again - and since their mission doesn’t yet feature Apocalypse spelled out in big letters, life is pretty good…

Our characters under the spotlight are - Buffy, Willow, Spike and Andrew will be our focus for this issue. The others are there for the beginning, but they're more glorified cameos.

Our Characters Are Wonderful!

Buffy: Nothing for the Slayer.

Willow: I'll give Wills a Half-KUDO for the last minute saves against the demon.

Spike: Nada for Spike.

Andrew: No, Andrew!

Our Characters Are Idiots!

Buffy: Why is Buffy taking time to talk about her past with Spike, when there is a soul-sucking demon trying to destroy the world going about its business? Can't this wait, Sweetheart? Half-DEMERIT

Willow: I do need to give Willow a DEMERIT for her anti-theft spells allowing the all-important tome of power to leave its storage place, even by one of the gang. That was, as she admits, a badly worded protection spell.

Spike: A soul-sucking demon is dripping slime all over the place. Spike's mode of attack? Biting. Half-DEMERIT, Stupid.

Andrew: Oh, Andrew. (*sigh*) Stop going for the grand gestures to make up for your past, without consulting anyone who it will actually affect! I can let Jon slip by, but your risking Tara's soul on a half-assed, rushed resurrection with an unstable, chaotic book of magic rules is just so, so bad. And yet, your heart is in the right place and it grieves me that you're taking so much blame on yourself over Warren's actions. But, I must give you a Half-DEMERIT.

A Group DEMERIT and a pox on all of the Sunnydale Halloween Partiers who are deeply stupid and deserved what they were going to get by the demon who told them exactly what he was going to do to everybody.

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